Roe Aftermath in the Digital Space | Weekly Digital Marketing Update 6/30


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Digital Ad Market Update: 6/24 - 6/30 2022
Joe, Kiersten, Charlee, and Producer Alex take to the studio to break down the latest marketing, tech, and culture news. Hear it all in 42 minutes or less.
Top Stories:
iPhone turns 15 today. Join the discussion on how it has changed society... for better or worse.
Facebook copies another company's idea. This time it's Discord. Will their version be any better? Let's talk.
Roe being overturned will have some effects in the digital space. Stay till the end to see how.
Articles Mentioned:
iPhone's 15th B-Day:
Facebook Copies Discord:
Roe & Location Data:
Instagram Hides Abortion Content:
Facebook Censuring Abortion Content:

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