Pod # 138 - Yannick Michiels (podcast in English)


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This summer, for the first time, WOC is determined in the sprint branches, individual, knock-out and sprint relay. This will be in Denmark in the beginning of July 2020. One of the big favorites on the men's side is Yannick Michiels from Dessel in Belgium.

Per Forsberg and Radio O-Ringen podcast met Yannick Michiels in the Chinese capital Beijing in early November 2019. It became an interesting conversation about training and competition but also about how to be one of the best in the world and come from Belgium which is a small country in the orientation world. Running has always been Yannick Michael's strength but in 2019 he showed that he now also master the technical side of the sport. He won the World Cup sprint in 2019 and this obviously means a lot to the upcoming WOC in Denmark 2020.

- I have absolute gold as my goal when I go to Denmark, says Yannick Michiels in Radio O-Ringen podcast # 138. The podcast is in English

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