Episode Two-Hundred and Thirteen: Patrick Kitzel


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Two hundred and thirteen episodes in and Nick is sitting down once again with the man behind the Tribal Tattoo Tour - Patrick Kitzel himself. This is an episode that you don't want to skip. Things never get political on NLJBS, you all should know that by now. However, if that were going to change, this is how it would happen. Not really going into any kind of politics during this discussion, the theme here really seems to be a conversation about the prevalence of EXTREMISM that seems to be taking hold of a lot of folks around the tattoo industry today. You'll see once you strap in and take off on this though-provoking journey of bullshit and storytellin'.

Stick around for that good ol' Shop Talk to take you home as Andrew and Porter join in to discuss some of the best tattoos they've seen lately. Hang in there on this wild ride we've been callin' twenty-twenty.

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