Episode Two-Hundred and Fourteen: Steve Tiberi


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Steve Tiberi of Electromagnetic Tattoo in Chesapeke, VA where he works with Annette LaRou and a killer crew, took the time to chill with Nick whilst he was visitin' down there and they laid down a killer podcast. It has been a while since Steve's last episode and he has continued to represent street shops everywhere heroically and tirelessly, even in a global pandemic. A refreshing break from talking about that very thing and other political bullshit, this is straight up tattoo appreciation and friendship. Two things we can all use all the time, especially now.

Porter & Andrew come in at the tail end to dazzle your senses as they discuss some of the best tattoos being done right now with Nick and it's just an all around good time throughout this episode. We hope y'all enjoy and keep on doin' this thing with us.

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