Episode Two-Hundred and Forty-Seven: Mrs. Laws


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Mrs. Diane Laws is one of those mentors who had an impact on so many young people it would be impossible to count. Well, if you've ever wondered how Nick got to be the charismatic host of your favorite podcast, this is definitely one of those guests who influenced him the most. Sit back and listen to some of those tales as you get to know a wonderful human being and amazing teacher. There's plenty of Clifton Forge talk and all kinds of stories from the past that just need to be shared and enjoyed, and there are no shortage of people who were influenced by Mrs. Laws who will love this opportunity to hear from her again.

There's a lot going on around Alley Cat Tattoo and the podcast these days, so Shop Talks are on hold for the time being. Look for Andrew Conner and Chris Porter to return in a future episode. Enjoy.

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