No New Thing - R.A.K. Mason


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This month the Kura Tūturu | Real Gold case in the Special Collections reading room, Level 2 of Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero | Central City Library, holds a rare copy of No New Things by poet Ronald Allison Kells Mason, 1905 – 1971 [R.A.K. Mason] In this podcast we hear from rare book specialist Jane Wild who shares the story of this book object, Mason's work and his development as a poet. Learn more about R.A.K. Mason's special connection with Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero the Central City Library through the memorial tōtara tree and via sculptor Anthony Stones' bronze bust. Links and further references: R.A.K. Mason, by Clifton Firth, 1947, Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection, 34-M663-3 No New Thing: The Beggar and other poems: Kura Heritage Collections search result R.A.K. Mason BSANZ paper by Jane Wild: The Beggar and the Deep Blue Sea. Heritage et AL blog -

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