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Episode 5 - Lips In this Level 3 lockdown interview, Dedee chats to Steph Brown from Lips, about their album I Don’t Know Why I Do Anything. Steph talks about how Lips’ sound has changed, and how writing music for films influenced the sound of the album. We also talk about the music video for ‘What the Hell’, great memories from their last tour, and how living in New York feeds into your songwriting. This podcast was recorded on October 11, 2021 References: Artist links: Website: Bandcamp: Tracks used: All tracks used in this podcast are from the album I Don’t Know Why I Do Anything by Lips, released on July 16, 2021 (apart from the Beck track) - ‘Sometimes I’m Afraid’ by Lips - ‘Guilty Talk’ by Lips - ‘Your Deodorant Doesn’t Work’ by Lips - ‘Where It’s At’ by Beck, from the album Odelay - ‘You’ by Lips Music Video: ‘What The Hell’ (July 22, 2021) From the Library collection: Beck – Odelay (CD), 1996 Daffodils (DVD), 2019 Other references: Long Player on 95bFM, Jess Fu interview with Lips (July 24, 2021) Lips perform ‘What The Hell’ on Trash Recital (July 14, 2021) Other Music Videos: ‘Heave Ho’ ‘Guilty Talk’ ‘Your Deodorant Doesn’t Work’ (Official Lyric Video)

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