Books and Beyond Literary Lounge: We Read Auckland Ka Pānui Tātau i Tāmaki Makaurau


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Join Alison and Ineka for a preview of We Read Auckland, which will be running from 15-28 August 2022. This is an exciting free programme of live and online events that celebrate Auckland’s readers and writers and the stories that bring us together. Libraries across Tāmaki Makaurau will feature a diverse line-up of Auckland’s fiction and non-fiction authors, celebrate the spoken word, provide fun opportunities for whānau to discover the joy of reading together, and more. To see what’s on in your area, visit Books mentioned in this programme can be requested for Click and Collect by Auckland Libraries members, and are often available in multiple formats: Kurungaituku / Whiti Hereaka / 2021 / Adult Fiction NZ: Everything changes / Stephanie Johnson / 2021 / Adult Fiction NZ: The library of unfinished business / Patricia Bell / 2022 / Adult Fiction NZ: Addressed to Greta / Fiona Sussman / 2022 / Adult Fiction NZ: The silence of snow / Eileen Merriman / 2020 / Adult Fiction NZ: Fake Baby / Amy McDaid / 2020 / Adult Fiction NZ: Na Viro / Gina Cole / 2022 / Sci-Fi NZ: Vā: stories by women of the moana / edited by Sisilia Eteuati and Lani Young / 2022:

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