Books and Beyond: Literary Lounge: Houston, do you read me?


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The books we’ve been reading this week take us from our own backyard to a galaxy far, far away. But where is the milk and honey? Find out on this episode of Literary Lounge with Alison and Ineka. This year's Auckland Libraries' Top 100 is out now: explore our pick of the year's most talked about books curated for you by our librarians. Most titles are available in multiple formats including OverDrive eBooks, so request your favourites from Auckland Libraries’ catalogue today: Books mentioned in this episode of Books and Beyond can be borrowed and requested via the Auckland Libraries catalogue: The secret, book & scone society / Ellery Adams / published 2017 / Adult Fiction: What strange paradise / Omar El Akkad / published 2021 / Adult Fiction: Voices of the lost / Hoda Barakat / published 2021 / Adult Fiction: Project Hail Mary / Andy Weir / published 2021 / Adult Sci-Fi: In our own backyard / Anne Kayes / published 2021 / Teen Fiction: Milk fed/ Melissa Broder / published 2021 / Adult Fiction:

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