TT Ep 55 -- Communication with Katherine Eitel Belt


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In a transition, communication is key and there are two points in a transition - telling staff and telling patients - where you don't get a second chance to make a first impression! In this very special episode, we are lucky to share the airwaves with master communicator, Katherine Eitel Belt, founder of Lionspeak. Christy and Katherine discuss how to tell patients (and get them to convert), how to deal with staff who may not be ready to accept a new owner, and for buyers, how to generally step into your new shoes as a leader. Katherine shares her insight and experience on how to have those hard conversations the right way and she shares tips on how to ready yourself for those conversations (which can be the most important part). This episode is full of little bites of wisdom, so listen in! Katherine Eitel Belt founded LionSpeak ( -- a communications coaching company dedicated to teaching the powerful art of un-scripted, authentic communication and personal leadership skills. She and her team of experienced coaches provide customized coaching programs to hundreds of dental, veterinary, healthcare, and corporate teams worldwide. Her team focuses on four main areas: front line skills, leadership skills, training skills, speaking skills. everything they do at Lionspeak is founded on the Lioness Principle: Just as the Lioness teaches her cubs to trust their natural instincts and gain independence, the Lioness Principle is about empowering individuals to lead instinctively from wherever they are.

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