Episode 1 (English) - The importance of a system


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Welcome to a new and modern podcast experience! Nattfari Podcast has been a great success in Sweden, and the podcast about riding and training of Icelandic horses has reached over 10 000 listerners in only two months! We are now happy to reach out to our foregin listeners and hope you will enjoy learning more about the riding and training of The horse of the North! This podcast is made by Johan Häggberg; trainer, famous competiotion rider and FEIF judge, and Elsa "Ella" Andersson; leisure rider and equestrian blogger. In this first episode, we focus on the importance of having a system and provide you with practical tips and guidance to improve your own system. Make sure to comment, share and like, and also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, or www.nattfaripodcast.com! Welcome to Nattfari Podcast!

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