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BITTER STORIES English - LongVersion In this podcast & animation project 'Music as a Weapon' the musicians fight for their music and a life in freedom. The ban on music and the arrests of musicians is a threat to our freedom. My podcasts tell about the lives of these musicians who have been persecuted. Through their stories, I want to investigate why repressive regimes are so afraid of music. I want to point out, that freedom of expression in music is a basic human right. We spoke with Srirak Plipat, Freemuse director. And the mission Freemuse has; to unveil all the cases of artists at risk. Throughout his story we look into the bitter stories of Musicians who had to flee to Paris and Belgium, because of their music We spoke with Spanish Rapper Valtonyc who had to go into exil very recently. He Feld to Belgium, his Lawyer Mr. Paul Bekaert is worried about the European laws. We spoke with Cheick Tidiane Seck. He had to flee from Mali in the ’70’s and is now again worried about the situation in his country Mali. Just like the Chilean composer Patricio Wang who had to flee from Chili in the ’70’s. The story of being banned for your music is a never ending story. Director: Arjanne Laan | Production: Moving Image Kaie Klaassen | Distribution: Freemuse & MovingImage Released: May 2020

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