Episode 24- Pure Evil: The Wemmer Pan Serial Killer Cedric Maake


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Welcome to the Episode 24 of Murder & Mayhem: South African True Crime.

About the episode:

What happens when a serial killer cannot be classified? What happens when a perpetrator seems to have no single Modus Operandi or victim profile? How do you even attempt to piece together a puzzle to catch the face behind the trail of destruction when you don’t have all the pieces?

Today, I will be discussing one such killer- a man who used five different methods of killing; a man who didn’t pursue one type of victim; a man who remains a terrifying enigma.

This is the case of one of the most cold-blooded serial killers South Africa has ever known- Cedric Maake.

For images, sources and real footage of the individuals and the case mentioned, please visit my Youtube Channel- Bella Monsoon where this case has been covered in video format HERE.

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