16. All About Eve/Applause (w/ Eileen Tull)


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Put your hands together for performer extraordinaire Eileen Tull who joins us to tell you what it’s all about. Old Hollywood, Old Broadway, and a truly bumpy night. Topics include Michael Shannon, gay overtones, and #SpankToMank . Eileen Tull is a storyteller, writer, poet, comedian, and one-woman-show person. She has performed throughout the country, from San Francisco to New York City, including in the SF Fringe, New Seeds Festival, United Solo, the Cincy Fringe, the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and the Dallas Solo Festival. Her work has been seen all over Chicago in theatres, bookstores, art galleries, bars and other non-traditional spaces. Currently, Eileen writes about movies and pop culture on her blog Is This Film School? She is a drama instructor with the Chicago Park District, and her work as a creative activist was recognized by The White House in 2016. Follow Eileen’s film blog: https://isthisfilmschool.substack.com/

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