19. Nights of Cabiria/Sweet Charity (w/ Connor Allen Smith)


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Filmmaker/actor Connor Allen Smith (Prairie Creek Productions) returns to discuss Fellini. Topics include temporal pincers, guilt, and Britney Spears. Connor (they/he) is an Arkansas-native, Chicago-based actor, director, & producer. They really love movies! You can find out which on their letterboxd and the kinds they like to make on their production company’s website. Though, lately, you can find them on the couch eating a pint of ice cream or pretending to read a book but also (sometimes) prepping their new project "Happy Birthday, Jimmy!" (sponsored by the Independent Film Alliance). Prairie Creek Productions: https://prairiecreek.pro/ Support “Happy Birthday, Jimmy!”: https://givebutter.com/hbd-jimmy https://www.instagram.com/kondorfalcon/ https://www.facebook.com/PraireCreekPro

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