149: Natural Anti-Depressant "Prescriptions" with Dr. Susan Heitler


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Disclaimer: do not change your medications without first consulting with your doctor or health care provider. This can be very dangerous. Please listen to this episode with an open mind, but with the knowledge that one must be careful when changing their medication routine for mental illnesses. Always consult your psychiatrist, doctor, healthcare provider, therapist before making any changes.

Denver clinical psychologist Dr. Susan Heitler specializes in helping her clients to reverse negative emotions. She shares these understandings broadly via her posts on psychologoytoday.com, where her articles have had over 22 million reads. In addition, Dr. Heitler has published five books. Her most recent is a self-help book, Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety & More. For free videos and worksheets from the book, see the book's website at prescriptionswithoutpills.com

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