Griz Fan Podcast – Griz stomp the Cats, playoff talk, & team thoughts, with guest Shaun Rainey


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Still euphoric, and with maybe 1 or 2 GFP members a little hungover, we’re celebrating the Montana Grizzlies dismantling of the Bobcats. Shaun Rainey with ABC/Fox, SWX joins us for this marathon pod to give his thoughts and insights every step of the way as well.

The Montana defense put forth its most dominant performance of the year. The special teams were near perfect in every fashion, and the offense shocked MSU early and then steadily moved the ball through the day. On this episode we go over our thoughts and observations from as many points of the game as possible.

From there, it’s time to talk playoffs. Montana is the #6 seed and will face the winner of UNI vs EWU. We look around the bracket, discuss games worthy of watching, and talk about regionalization and the challenges its caused to the FCS playoffs.

With a 9-2 regular season record we then move into discussions on the team as a whole, team awards, conference awards, and more. Shaun also brings a fun trivia type game to the pod, where we try to identify what Griz player best symbolizes a Thanksgiving Day dish. After that, we’ve got nearly an hour of questions and comments to cover. At the GFP, we care about you and we know it’s a holiday week. We wanted to get this pod out a day early, and make it a long one. Hopefully it helps with some holiday travel or getting away from (or spending time with) family.


0 – 5 – James & Shaun’s intro

5 – 1:07 – Recap of the Brawl

1:07 – 1:35 – Playoff talk

1:35 – 2:00 – Awards, team discussion, regular season wrap

2:00 – 2:15 – Shaun’s Thanksgiving game

2:15 – 3:02 – Fan questions and close

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