The Trading Game with Louise Bedford


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On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Interview Connections’ booking agent Riley Baez-Bradway is in conversation with client Louise Bedford, co-founder of the Trading Game. Louise talks about her experiences as a guest expert and how some of the shows that Riley has booked her on don’t have anything to do with trading, but she still saw the benefits in going on those shows and has gotten an ROI and has grown relationships with the hosts, so she still encourages podcast guests to stay open minded with the type of shows they’re willing to go on. She also wants people to not be so buttoned up on interviews and really be themselves and connect with people on a personal level in order to really make an impact. Louise also discusses some health issues she has had in the past and present and how that influenced her becoming a trader in the first place and how it impacts her work as a guest expert now (and how to “speak from your scars, not from your wounds”).

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