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Modern Manifestation is a top-rated podcast designed to help career driven women manifest more success, independence, and financial autonomy. If you’re an ambitious woman looking for practical explanations of manifestation using mindset tools and money hacks, this podcast is for you. Bre approaches manifesting from a logical perspective with an emphasis on inner work, limiting beliefs, perfectionism, and overall personal development as the foundation for mastering abundance. If you’re looking for life changing transformation using practical methods, growth mindset tips, or best manifestation practices with a dash of rational spirituality., this podcast is for you. Podcast host, Bre Brown, is passionate about women’s empowerment and equality, which starts with financial freedom and autonomy. Join us every other Monday for your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration to help you achieve your biggest goals! Follow Bre on Instagram: @Modernmanifestation Follow Bre on Facebook: Follow Bre on Pinterest: All other freebies, show notes, and more:

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