Run for your life


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Jënni Jalonen is an ultra trail runner and loves to run. But one day a sudden headache from hell changes everything. The blinds are pulled down and her life just stops. How do you find your way back?
An ultra trail runner is somebody who runs long distances in natural environments. An ultra distance is anything thats longer than 42 195 meters, in other words a marathon. Running became a way to release stress and find comfort early on in Jënnis life. But then her body suddenly said "no". Who was she now? This is the english version of the episode: Springa för livet Swedish stories is a series where the listeners can tell their own stories and it´s produced by the swedish national public radio - Sveriges radio. If you want to send a message to Jënni, send an email to thes producer of tthe series Swedish stories, Ola Hemström.

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