REI095: Real Estate As A Subscription? w/ Nico Ortega


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  • 11:32 - Where Nico came up with the idea of using a subscription model for short-term rentals for renters and how it will work.
  • 15:33 - What owners of the short-term rentals will get from this opportunity and what they will receive in return for being a part of the program.
  • 17:25 - How much will a renter who is looking to utilize NUOVO’s program spend and will the subscription amount be different if they’re staying in different places?
  • 22:09 - How does NUOVO make money in this arrangement and is it like a normal management company where one takes a percentage of monthly income?
  • 22:25 - How Nico is planning to expand beyond Miami and where he is looking to expand to.
  • And much, much more!

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