REI090: The Guide to Real Estate Investing w/ Brandon Turner


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  • 11:30 - The backstory of how Brandon started at BiggerPockets
  • 39:33 - How Brandon has used the strategy of buying a newborn baby a rental property on a 15 or 18-year note and using that as their college fund
  • 43:27 - What Brandon looks for in real estate partners and what has made them successful and also unsuccessful for him over the years
  • 47:15 - How to do the “The Stack” strategy, which can help people create a million-dollar net worth in 5 years
  • 50:49 - What the 7 different types of small multifamily real estate are and which ones make for the best rental properties
  • 55:02 - How you can quickly and accurately analyze a multifamily investment property, regardless of whether it has two or twenty units
  • And much, much more!

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