WTKA Roundtable 4/7/2022: We Don’t Practice Effed


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Things discussed:

  • Spring Game standouts: We like what we saw on the DL: Benny and Rooks are coming on, Jenkins impressed, can see how the Mike Morris/(read: Chris Wormley) style of pass rush is going to happen. Sainristil at nickel is more of a Blake Countess than a Dax Hill, but you can certainly make that work. They're going to be more subby than previous teams.
  • Mullings would be the 3rd RB today if they weren't so desperate for a 3rd LB.
  • MBB in the break: What if they all come back? Michigan has enough guys who can take a step forward that they can be favorites to win the Big Ten, but that's not a top-10 team. Portal needs to get them a wing who can defend pullups and shoot.
  • Hockeytalk: Denver is a Red Berenson team: super skilled, super fast, so small that Ethan Edwards's brother is a 60th percentile-sized defender on that team. They're saying it's going to be 9-8 because they think their goalie is going to give up 9 goals. Key is playing sound defensively because Denver loves to stretch the puck up ice.
  • WBB: hitting the in-conference transfer portal for a Naz replacement and a PG?

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