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Sharon Salzberg is one of the world’s most renowned meditation teachers and a pioneer, bringing mindfulness and loving-kindness to the west. She’s also a New York Times best-selling author. In 1976 she established, together with Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield, the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts. In this episode we speak about meditation and love. We speak about suffering, which is universal and not personal. That the Buddha didn’t teach Buddhism, he taught a way of life. That the goal of meditation is to change our relationship, not to blank our minds. About the magical moment in meditation and the exploration if it’s possible to begin fresh again. The dialogue between Sharon and Dalai Lama about self-hatred. The power of awareness and the freedom of not believing every thought. That real love is an ability and not only a feeling. That the room is always filled with love. We speak about loving-kindness and that it is an antidote to fear. That listening with presence is a beautiful expression of love. And how we can send love even to those who do harm. Sharon ends our conversation by guiding a meditation on love and space.

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