#10 The most sustainable restaurant in the world


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In this episode we’re meeting with chef Johan Gottberg, co-founder of the newly opened restaurant Restauranglabbet (The Restaurant Lab) located at Openlab in Stockholm and associate professor in Life Cycle Assessment and Industrial Ecology, Miguel Brandão at KTH. The restaurant works as an innovation arena where data is collected to explore how sustainable a restaurant can get.The team behind Restauranglabbet use life cycle assessment and measures and reports the environmental impact of the restaurants' activities to see how to optimize the operations. They are selling food by weight and have different strategies to limit food waste. But that is just the start. Hear more in the episode. Matlaboratoriet is a podcast from Openlab. Host is Per Styregård. Editorial staff: Elise Johanson, Ivar Björkman and Per Styregård. Produced by Soundtelling.

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