Watering Genius Seeds - Ep 1 Club GIC on the Radio


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"As Picasso painted, Imhotep fathered medicine, verses flow, and Black Girls Code, so your genius manifests." Club GIC, a Genius Is Common™ licensee, is on a mission to feed your soul and genius by revealing the inherent genius in others. Good Day, Good Phenomenal One! Today's birth episode is dedicated to Andrea "Coley" Williams as she births a new era of her inherent artistry. It's been one week since she publically revealed her poetry she's been writing for twenty years. Coley and all you other phenomenal beings, allow the flow to water your genius and grow. Whether mixes of spoken word, music and stories of experiencing genius or us hitting the streets live and sharing all kinds of manifestations of genius, CLUB GIC is on a mission to be a witness to the oneness and uniqueness of the genius that flows through each of us. Established by entrepreneur and HBO Def Poetry Jam co-founder, Bruce George, Genius In Common™ is an anti-elitist movement that acknowledges that all beings have a genius in them which manifest itself in their own unique expression of their passion, profession, talents or art. This paradigm shifting movement aims to change the way in which we think about ourselves and others. CONNECT Bruce George & Genius Is Common™ www.geniusiscommon.com Master Griot Radio www.mastergriotradio.com Club GIC coming soon

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