Trekkies, Gladiators and now GEHMs... Ask What You Will


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Lincoln Farquharson, Editor-In-Chief of independent comic book company FarCorners Studios, comes to Master Griot Radio to answer any and all questions about the FarCorners Universe and the independent comic book movement from celebrity photographer Bill Andrews, The Xone co-host Peace Moore and all of us other comic book geeks. Tune in and Ask What You Will!!! Call In (646) 716-7994 to listen or press #1 to speak. Chat via twitter using hashtag#GEHMs (click here). Lincoln, who too is a comic book and super hero geek, is an entrepreneur, writer and authority in diversity, education and independent publishing. In terms of fandom, Lincoln says, "Fans, naw... In the FarCorners Universe we're called GEHMs! Genetically Enhanced HuMans. There's something superhuman in all of us. You'll discover aspects of you within the beings in the realm of the FarCorners Universe." Bill and Peace will lead us in Q&A. Bill's a professional celebrity photographer who happens to be a comic geek and captures the booming cosplay trend through his visual artistry. Visit FarCorners Studios at to get backstories and research.

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