Soul Purpose Tuesday: Your mid-morning lunchtime wellness groove


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"Is what you put on your skin, in your mouth and allow in your spirit, Life Giving or life robbing?" It's your mid-morning lunchtime wellness groove. Let's #WalkNWellness and Get Healthy Hooked. Your wellness advocate, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams aligns the Soul Purpose Lifestyle with strategies and tips that nourish your mind, body, skin and soul! CALL IN to listen or share (646) 716-7994 or toll-free at 1.877.552.7012, x5. Affirmation: I'm Walking In Wellness Meditation: Self Love / Self Care Body System: Brain Nutrition: 15 Brain Foods Exercise: Try Tai Chi. 10 Benefits of Tai Chi Soul Purpose JOY of the Month: Mother's Candle Trio - Devoted, Inspiring, Loving Playlist: TIGHTROPE feat Big Boi (Janelle Monea) - BREAK THE SHELL (India Aire - Songversation) - SUPERSTITOUS (Chris Blue - The Voice Performance)

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