Ep 3 Finale T and Shade; From 6 To 1, Now What


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TribeUp, Phenomenal Ones! Its your girl, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams here Reporting On The Voice In Color. Well, we've gone from 6 artists of color in the lives to one, Brooke Simpson, in the finale. It's episode 3, we're covering the T and Shade of the phenomenal finals, the impact of the loss of Net Neutrality, season highlights and next steps for how we support the artists beyond The Voice starting with grooving to the latest releases of Chris Blue (S12 winner), Koryn Hawthorne (S8 Finalist), Shalyah Fearing (S10). Then, show some love with a Real S/O to S12s #TSoul, a soldier on the wall making moves while supporting others!

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