Ep 2 From Disappointment to Determination: Janice Freeman You Got Super Fans


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Good Day, Phenomenal Ones! Jacqueline Taylor-Adams is here Reporting On The Voice In Color. Devastated . Stunned . Shocked. It's episode 2, our recovery and strategy session. Today our goal is to move you from heartfelt disappointment of losing Janice Freeman to determination to seize opportunity and produce the results we seek as we move toward the finals of The Voice Season 13 and beyond! Stop being too cool for school, make an impact VOTE VOTE VOTE, STREAM STREAM STREAM, DOWNLOAD / BUY… #Playlist: THE STORY (Janice Freeman - The Voice Performance) POETRY FOR A LIVING (Lamar A. Hill) eBeatz Music (Aaron Collins Podcast) BEST OF ME (TSoul)

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