Ep 17 BeyondTalk with Faith Moore-McKinney: Holiday Marketing Series


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In episode 17 of Beyond Talk with Faith Moore-McKinney, Faith interviews BEEDC's Co-Producer, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams about her Christmas In July 2017 Holiday Marketing Guide and podcast series. Jacqueline will share her five-step process for developing your holiday marketing strategy.Learn what you need to do to increase your profits during the height of consumer spending. Download your free workbook podcast companion now, CLICK HERE. Jacqueline is a marketing and business strategist who developed the Plan to Profit, Christmas In July B2B Podcast Series that ran 2012 thru 2014. She has launched the 2017 series in partnership with BEEDCs 96HOURS, a buy Black marathon event. Also, this June, the official ebook will be published on Amazon. BEYONDTALK goes beyond talk to compel you to strategically do. Hosted by the dynamic Brand Strategist and Media Personality, Faith Moore-McKinney with guests who are doers and are here to present real solutions and opportunities for growth for us as entrepreneurs and community stakeholders. BEYOND TALK with Faith Moore-McKinney is the official radio broadcast of the Black Economic and Entrepreneurship Development Conference & Expo (BEEDC) an emerging strategic collaboration where learning, innovation and product development meet. CONNECT: Faith Moore-McKinney www.FaithMcKinney.com

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