Ep 16 BeyondTalk with Faith Moore-McKinney: Strategic Entrepreneurship


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Strategic Entrepreneurship. How to build a profitable Black owned business that hires others... It's episode 16 and Faith is engaging serial entrepreneurs and podcast hosts Jay Jones of Black Entrepreneur Blueprint along with Johnson Marce aka Triple Black of The No Cupcake Zone. Call In (646) 716-7994 to listen and ask questions. Also, join the twitter chat using hashtag #BeyondTalk. BEYONDTALK goes beyond talk to compel you to strategically do. Hosted by the dynamic Brand Strategist and Media Personality, Faith Moore-McKinney with guests who are doers and are here to present real solutions and opportunities for growth for us as entrepreneurs and community stakeholders. BEYOND TALK with Faith Moore-McKinney is the official radio broadcast of the Black Economic and Entrepreneurship Development Conference & Expo (BEEDC) an emerging strategic collaboration where learning, innovation and product development meet. CONNECT: Jay Jones www.blackentrepreneurblueprint.com Johnson Marce https://www.spreaker.com/show/no-cupcake-zone-podcast_1 Faith Moore-McKinney www.FaithMcKinneyllc.com Show Archives http://BeyondTalk.beedconference.org this show is brought to you by Shop.TaylorAdamsMarketing.com Playlist: Back to Hip Hop (S.O.U.L. Da One)

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