CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Your 2017 Holiday Marketing Guide Ep1


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During episode 1 Jacqueline Taylor-Adams, Business/Marketing Strategist & Co-Producer of the BEED Conference, guides you through the areas you will need to develop in order to get your business ready to maximize its returns during the Christmas holiday shopping season. From inventory to technical systems, blogging to SEO, being mobile ready to creative strategic campaign development, we're not leaving any money on the table in 2017. We're planning, so we may leverage and maximize this height of consumer spending. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE PODCAST SERIES COMPANION WORKBOOK for the 2017 HOLIDAY MARKETING GUIDE. This is Jacqueline's 5th season of preparing businesses for the holiday season. She is the creator of the Christmas In July business series and Shop 96 Hours. Shop 96 Hours is the unprecedented collaboration for one stop shopping with Black owned businesses from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. We're preparing and mobilizing our businesses and consumers to benefit one another. FOLLOW UP: eBook release July 5, 2017enroll in the 6 Week Group Coaching Session Aug 2 thru Sept 13, 2017

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