CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Your 2017 Holiday Marketing Guide: AGASW Bonus Episode


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It's Christmas In July bonus episode! While, Amazon and others push a big spend day in July, today, let us focus on creating and implementing a plan to profit from the height of consumer spending, the real Christmas season. Forget what the calendar says --- Christmas starts in September. Small businesses and micro-enterprises develop your A.G.A.S.W. with Business and Marketing Strategist, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams. Discover her five step process to get your business ready to maximize its returns during the Christmas holiday shopping season. Audience . Goals . Analytics . Strategy . Website . CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE PODCAST SERIES COMPANION WORKBOOK for the 2017 HOLIDAY MARKETING GUIDE. This is Jacqueline's 5th season of preparing businesses for the holiday season. As the creator of the Christmas In July B2B podcast series and the Black Economic and Entrepreneurship Development Conference & Expo's Shop 96 Hours, Jacqueline has partnered with the BEEDC to also present the Holiday Marketing Guide series as a B2B precursor for Shop 96 Hours. Shop 96 Hours marathon tv is an unprecedented collaboration for one stop shopping with Black owned businesses from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. FOLLOW UP: get the eBook - release July 25, 2017enroll in the 6 Week Group Coaching Session Aug 2 thru Sept 13, 2017

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