Beyond the Word with Suite Franchon Ep 13: 4th Qtr Events 1st Qtr Kick-Off


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Time to get back to business. Artist development coach, event producer, performance poet, motivational speaker and WITN22 TV on air personality Suite Franchon kicks it with show producer and marketing strategist, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams to motivate your business elevation and spark your creativity with great booking and revenue tips along with some stern coaching. It's Ep 13 of Beyond The Word with Suite Franchon. From 100,000 Poets for Change to Hustler of Culture Black Friday Convention, discover and share events and opportunities for business. OMG, spoken word is popping up everywhere! The Master Griot Project contends this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have not yet seen all that the word can do. Spoken word is moving beyond just public service announcements, slams, and open mics to commercials, creative edutainment campaigns and leveraging the internet of everything to produce new works and galvanize fans. Connect with Suite Franchon FANCLUB FOR UPDATES, TOUR DATES & DISCOUNTS!

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