Beyond the Word w. Suite Franchon Ep10: Book of Poetry Part II


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BOOK OF POETRY Part II. On Ep 10 of Beyond the Word with Suite Franchon, Franchon goes in deep with an industry panel about writing, publishing and marketing your book of poetry. Tonight she welcomes Dr. Tameka 'Doc' Wright and Joey Pinkney. Beyond being an on air tv personality for WITNN Wilmington, Suite Franchon is an artist development coach, promoter, producer, creator of Peace, Love & Poetry and author of Living The Journey. Dr.Tameka Wright is author of On This Journey book of poetry and Joey Pinkney is a published author of several books as well as markets books via his exclusive service, JoeyTweets, for authors. OMG, spoken word is popping up everywhere! The Master Griot Project contends this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have not yet seen all that the word can do. Spoken word is moving beyond just public service announcements, slams, and open mics to commercials, creative edutainment campaigns and leveraging the internet of everything to produce new works and galvanize fans. CONNECT: Suite Franchon FANCLUB FOR UPDATES, TOUR DATES & DISCOUNTS! http://suitefranchon.fanbridge.comDr. Tameka Wright - &

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