Are you the voice: FarCorners Studios Animated Teaser Live Voice-Over Auditions


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Are you the voice of Dr. Benjamin Grant, leader of Team Genesis?Get engulfed in the FarCorners Universe as FarCorners Studios host live voice-over auditions for its first animated teaser. Auditions are for Dr. Benjamin Grant aka Benjamin Axon. Get the 411 on Axon including some incredible spoilers!!! Character Info Benjamin Axon Caucasian, Male, Adult 5’11, 185lbs Compensation: $50, copy of completed work, and Team Genesis® #01 To audition, simply call in (646) 716-7994 and Lincoln Farquharson, FarCorners Studios' Editor-In-Chief and Chief Brand Steward will hear your audition. Those auditioning make sure you have registered at to receive your sides and character background. Celebrity photographer and closet geek, Bill Andrews, will narrate Dr. Grant's background while “Mini Con” creator, DJ, and Cosplayer Performance Artist, Peace Moore, announces next up for auditions. Our own Editor-In-Chief, Lincoln Farquharson, will conduct the interviews. YOU get to engage it all and comment on the OMGs as well as your fave voices for Dr. Grant. Share this page and/or the player. Only calls for auditions will be taken, but please, in the comments leave your hoorays for your favorite auditions (no negative feedback, please). CONNECT: Secure your FarCorners Studios' digital collection on Comixcology now Follow FarCorners Studios at and TODAY!!!!

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