Global DJ Broadcast: Markus Schulz Dream Sequence 2021 (All-138 Special) (Sep 30 2021)


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As Markus Schulz's Global DJ Broadcast has grown and evolved through the years, many of you will know that along with the usual weekly sessions, they have been complimented with a series of specialist concept themes. It began with the Sunrise Set and Classics Showcase, and expanded with In Bloom and Afterdark, and earlier this year, a fifth joined the family in the form of Deeper Shades. And now it's time to say hello to a sixth.

After your feedback towards a one-off 138 special last Christmas, Markus is delighted to introduce this mix in the same domain, and from now, will be themed as Dream Sequence. Hope you enjoy.


Markus Schulz

01. Conjure One & Jaren - Animals (Daxson Instrumental Intro Mix)

02. Richard Durand - Tales of a Silhouette

03. Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam vs. HamzeH - Hyperion (Ahmed Romel Remix)

04. Markus Schulz & Christina Novelli - Not Afraid to Fall (The WLT Remix)

05. SMR LVE - Light Up the Sky

06. Glynn Alan - Bermuda

07. Arksun & Hodel - Eternity

08. Maria Healy - Kismet

09. Paipy - Run

10. Craig Connelly - Golden Gate

11. Duncan Newell & DJ Abouzar - Lost in Mind

12. Temple One - Protect You

13. Roger Shah with Stoneface & Terminal - Hyperion

14. Aly & Fila featuring Deidre McLaughlin - Gravity (Daxson Remix)

15. Ferry Tayle & Dan Stone - Vona (Sean Tyas Remix)

16. Dreamy & Daniel Kandi & Temple One - When You Saved My Life

17. 4 Strings - Into Orbit

18. Activa - Polestar

19. Envio - Time to Say Goodbye (South of the Stars Remix)

20. Ilan Bluestone featuring Ellen Smith - Stranger to Your Love (StoneBlue Remix)

21. Super8 & Tab vs. Factor B - From Way Back

22. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Spellbound

23. Claus Backslash - Absolute Delusion

24. Daniel Skyver - Time to Go

25. DJ T.H. - Leonie (Alan Morris Remix)

26. Markus Schulz & London Thor & Valentino Alessandrini - Feel Alive (Dream Sequence Remix)

27. Armin van Buuren & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Magico

28. Davey Asprey - Rebirth

29. Sergey Shabanov - It Was So Long Ago

30. SMR LVE & That Girl - Need Somebody

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