Global DJ Broadcast: Markus Schulz and Genix (Oct 14 2021)


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Following the Dream Sequence special and a World Tour stop in Atlanta, Markus Schulz is back at his home studio in Miami to deliver a fresh studio session on the Global DJ Broadcast. For this week's edition, he includes three Coldharbour world premieres - from Mike EFEX, Glynn Alan and Kolonie, as well as showcasing new sounds from Jam El Mar, Nifra, Craig Connelly, SAM WOLFE and more. In the second hour, he welcomes Genix for the guestmix, helping him celebrate the release of his artist album 199X.

Hope you enjoy the show, and continue to support Markus' contribution towards In Search of Sunrise 17. Back next week to build towards the grand return of EDC in Las Vegas, joined by Sunny Lax for the guestmix. And in two weeks, one of the most anticipated episodes of the year - the annual Afterdark.


Markus Schulz

01. Jam El Mar - The Orange Flight

02. Mike EFEX presents Sun Theory - Bermuda [World Premiere]

03. Super8 & Tab - Eternal Sequence (Nifra Remix)

04. Daxson - Ethereal

05. Blasterjaxx & Daniele Sorentino vs. The Weeknd - Save Your Tears in Our World (Markus Schulz Mashup) [Mashup of the Week]

06. Ferry Corsten - Punk (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)

07. SMR LVE & Roxanne Emery - Let the Light In

08. Sebastiano Pozzoni - Titan

09. Armin van Buuren & Rank 1 - The Greater Light to Rule the Night

10. Markus Schulz - Lisbon [Global Selection]

11. Mario Ochoa - Black Hole [Sound from the Rabbithole]

12. Dan Thompson - Flashback

13. Glynn Alan - Multiform [World Premiere]

14. HALIENE - Glass Heart (Craig Connelly Remix)

15. Roger Shah with Stoneface & Terminal - Hyperion

16. The Sneaker - Scatterbomb (String Mix) [Classic of the Week]


01. Genix - This is My House

02. Genix - What You do to Me

03. Genix & LYCA - Numb

04. Genix - Let it Go

05. Genix - I Feel So Free

06. Genix - Higher & Higher

07. Genix & Zashanell - All I Want

Back with Markus schulz

17. SAM WOLFE & JD Farrell - Reservoir

18. Super8 & Tab - Irufushi (Marsh Remix)

19. Tom Bro - Sky of Cappadocia

20. RODG - Mountain Space (Jardin Remix)

21. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Tiger (Danilo Ercole Remix)

22. Spada - Terra Promessa

23. RÜFÜS DU SOL - Alive (Anyma Remix)

24. Kolonie - Labyrinth [World Premiere]

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