It’s complicated: Europe-China relations in a world of superpower competition


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Can Europe compete in today’s new geopolitical realities? Does the Union find itself in a technology war with China? And are at least cooperative solutions with China on climate policies possible? In this week’s podcast, Mark Leonard is joined by Agatha Kratz, Associate Director at Rhodium Group and expert on EU-China relations, Janka Oertel head of ECFR´s Asia programme as well as ECFR co-chair Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden. Together, they answer these questions and discuss if and how Germany – as current EU Council Presidency holder – can find ways to recalibrate the EU’s handling and approach to China. A Europe Ready to Compete? EU-China relations and new geopolitical realities: “Europe, China, and Hong Kong: Why new red lines will be worth the cost” by Janka Oertel “Booster or Brake? COVID and the Belt and Road Initiative” by Agatha Kratz et al: “In times of strategic confusion, deeper dialogue is a must” by Carl Bildt: This podcast was recorded on 13 July 2020. Bookshelf: • “The Paladin: A Spy Novel” by David Ignatius • “Counting the Infected” “The Daily” Podcast by The New York Times • “The Adriatic Sea” by Harry Hodgkinson

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