Europe’s role in global health & how to build European health sovereignty


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“If it’s about Europe´s role in global health, a big part of it is Europe's health sovereignty which we want to make one of the big topics of the German EU Council Presidency”, Germany’s Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn said in our Virtual Annual Council Meeting. The coronavirus pandemic brought the issue of health sovereignty affront: how can health security be achieved across Europe? In this week’s podcast Mark Leonard is joined by our experts Tara Varma, head of the Paris office, policy fellows Anthony Dworkin and Jonathan Hackenbroich, to discuss the components of European health sovereignty and how it can be attained. Further reading: Health sovereignty: How to build a resilient European response to pandemics by Jonathan Hackenbroich, Jeremy Shapiro and Tara Varma Watch the session from our Annual Council Meeting featuring Jens Spahn and Mark Suzman here: This podcast was recorded on 1 July 2020 Bookshelf: -“The lying life of adults” by Elena Ferrante - “The “restructuring” of Hong Kong and the rise of neostatism” by Sebastian Veg - “National power and the structure of foreign trade” by Albert O. Hirschman - “Life and fate” by Vasily Grossman

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