From fragility to vitality – Analysing von der Leyen’s #SOTEU


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Ursula von der Leyen’s first State of the European Union speech was as long as it was broad in topics and calls for action. Host Mark Leonard is joined by Alexander Stubb, ECFR Board Member, Director of the European University Institute’s School of Transnational Governance and Former Prime Minister of Finland and Carlos Moedas Trustee at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and former European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation. Together they break down the speech and analyse its various parts, from climate to health policy, from digital sovereignty to Europe’s place in the world. What did the Commission President promise and envision? And did she point out some black sheep? This podcast was recorded on 16 September 2020. Bookshelf: • “Governance in the new global disorder: Politics for a post-sovereign society” by Daniel Innerarity • “The virus in the age of madness" by Bernard-Henri Lévy • “Has China won? The Chinese challenge to American primacy” by Kishore Mahbubani • "Negotiating flexibility in the European Union" by Alexander Stubb • "Taming Sino-American rivalry" by Feng Zhang & Richard Ned Lebow

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