13. Holy Spirit Led Balance: Christian Mamas Living in God’s Peace


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Hey Mama!

If you are struggling to find balance in your day I have the perfect solution for you. Go check out today’s episode where we talk about all things balance, but there’s a catch. We aren’t just talking about the same old boring balance that you hear from everyone out in the world where it’s focussed on juggling all of the things. Instead we focus on allowing God to show us where we need to focus. This takes away all of the uncertainties and allows us to receive God’s peace instead of stress and overwhelm.

I am so excited to hear your thoughts on Holy Spirit Led Balance over in the free facebook group and ask if this episode has blessed you to go leave a written review so that it can bless many other Mamas as it has you.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I pray God continues to bless your week.






Listen in to learn how you can achieve Holy Spirit Led Balance. Then head over and join us in The Mamas Partnering with God Facebook Group where we continue the conversation and support each other as we learn how to partner with God

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