11. Morning Routine 101: Christian Mamas Setting your Day up for Success so you can operate in Love, Joy, Peace and Understanding


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Hey Mama!

Do you wake up to the sound of your kids running around the house only to have to get up right away and run around after them? Have you set time apart in the morning for yourself so that you can prepare yourself for the crazy day ahead that is life?

I invite you to go check out today’s episode where we talk about the 5 steps it takes to create a morning routine so that you can start your day out slowly pouring into yourself, doing things you enjoy all before the kids wake up.

Which may mean going to bed sooner, which I also talk about, but trust me. IF you want to go about your day pouring love and joy into those around you even amidst the tantrums and screaming you’ll want to listen to today’s episode so that you can create your own morning routine.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I pray God continues to bless your week.






Listen in to learn how you can create the morning routine that brings joy to your life. Then head over and join us in The Mamas Partnering with God Facebook Group where we continue the conversation and support each other as we learn how to partner with God.

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