6-28-21 All About Lenders One


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The mortgage industry is increasingly complex and competitive. Lenders One® provides the support that helps you grow today and takes your business to the next level tomorrow. With all that's going on in the mortgage industry as we and see the changes that have been implemented, we're excited to bring on Justin Demola to gain his perspective for what's taking shape in this new economic environment! Lenders One is a mortgage cooperative that helps independent mortgage bankers operate competitively within the industry, and efficiently within their community. They are a one-stop resource for independent mortgage bankers, providing the resources and expertise to help each shop operate at maximum efficiency regardless of market cycle. They expect, understand, negotiate and deliver the services, partnerships and opportunities that help drive our member businesses forward. They help their Members: Increase Revenue Improve Efficiency, Decrease Expenses, Network and make connections, Boost the effectiveness and sales efforts, as well as Access training and education sources. Justin Demola is Vice President of Sales at Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative, and he will be our guest in the Hot Topic segment! To read more about this show click here!!

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