Episode 437: Brooke Jarvis


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Brooke Jarvis is a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine.“Obsession is inherently interesting. We want to know why somebody would care so much about something that it could direct their whole life. ... When people care about something a lot, what can be more interesting than that to understand what drives those powerful emotions? ... Part of why I do this work is that I am able to get temporarily obsessed with a lot of different things and then move on to the next thing that I'm temporarily obsessed with. ... There's always a new question that I want to follow.” Thanks to Mailchimp for sponsoring this week's episode. Show notes: @brookejarvis brookejarvis.net Jarvis on Longform 02:00 "Maryville native Brooke Jarvis wins Livingston Ward for young journalists" (Amy Beth Miller • The Daily Times • Jun 2017) 05:00 The New Kings of Nonfiction (Ira Glass • Riverhead Books • 2007) 06:00 "The Squirrel Wars" (D.T. Max • New York Times Magazine • Oct 2007) 08:00 "When We Are Called to Part" (The Atavist • Nov 2013) 11:00 Jarvis’ Yes! Magazine archive 16:00 "The Deepest Dig" (California Sunday • Nov 2014) 19:00 "Unclaimed" (California Sunday • Dec 2016) 22:00 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers • Marina Books • 1940) 25:00 "The Insect Apocalypse Is Here" (New York Times Magazine • Nov 2018) 27:00 "Who Speaks for Crazy Horse?" (New Yorker • Sep 2019) 30:00 "The First Shot: Inside the Covid Vaccine Fast Track" (Wired • May 2020) 31:00 "The Scramble to Pluck 24 Billion Cherries in Eight Weeks" (New York Times Magazine • Aug 2020) 33:00 "The Launch" (California Sunday • Jul 2019) 37:00 "The Forgotten Sense" (New York Times Magazine • Jan 2021) 39:00 "The Obsessive Search for the Tasmanian Tiger" (New Yorker • Jul 2018)

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