S3:E27) Jarkko Nieminen, former ATP 13 in singles and now captain of the Finnish Davis Cup team


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Jarkko Nieminen had a fantastic career with 2 ATP-titles, 3 quarterfinals of Grand Slam and reaching number 13 in the world in singles and 42 in doubles. Today he's working as a coach for the Finnish tennisfederation, are captain for their Davis Cup team and are commentating tennis on television. In this episode we talk about: - the biggest reason to his success as a tennis player - Jarkkos pathway as a junior to becoming the US Open champion as last year junior and why he think his late specialization helped him in the start of hes pro career - Why doubles help your singles game - Why Jarkko think he lost 11 out of 13 singles finals on the ATP tour - His tactics against Roger Federer - His view of Finnish tennis today - And of course we also talk about the match against Bernard Tomic 2014 that lasted 28 minutes and 20 seconds!

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