S3:E20) Mike James, tennis performance analyst


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Mike James is a tennis performance analyst and have the last years worked with multiple top players on tour such as Stanislas Wawrinka, Holger Rune and Iga Swiatek and are today also a part of the Mouratoglou Analytics team. This episode was super interesting to record! In our hour long chat we covered a lot of topics, for example: - what tennis analysis and performance analysis actually is - what kind of statistics that makes a difference between winning and losing - why Mike mostly talk with the coaches about his analys - if most of the videos and statistics Mike provides to the teams is about his players or about the opponent - how you can use statistics for injury preventions - in what age statistics start become useful - Mikes take on the discussion about rally lengths and how much you need to practice longer rallies and intervals @mikejamestennis on Instagram and Twitter

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