S3:E17) Dan Kiernan, owner and director of Soto Tennis Academy and the man behind the podcast Control the Controllables!


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Dan Kiernan is a former British no1. doubles player and has been involved in international tennis as a player and coach for over 30 years. He played tennis at Louisiana State University before going pro and eventually co-founded Soto Tennis Academy in 2010. Dan have the last years done over 170 episodes of the podcast Control the Controllables where he have interviewed people with different backgrounds and experiences from all around the world of tennis. In this episode we talk about: - what positive effects the podcast have had for the academy - the reason why Dan haven't changed the way he coach since he started the podcast - what kind of academy Soto is and why they try to make every program unique and individual for each player - Dans reflection on why Spain have had more success on the male side then on the womens side - why he think its really important for every player to have a lead coach - how to help the players getting thru tough sessions

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