On the road 21! Per Bastholt about traveling the ATP tour as a physiotherapist


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Per Bastholt from Denmark joined the ATP tour full-time in 1994 and is today a member of the ATP Tour's Medical Service Team. He have earlier worked privately three years with Tomas Berdych and one year with Victoria Azareanka. Per also did five year with the professional Ligue 1 football team AS Monaco and have also been a part of the Swedish Davis Cup staff. In this episode we talk about: - how a yearly schedule can look like for Bastholt - how the medical service team manage to keep track of all the players individual physical status - the adrenaline that comes with being called on court during a match - how it was to work privately with Berdych - how it was to be a part of Team Azarenka when she won Australian Open - the six P:s www.linuspabaslinjen.com

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